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The Court Index is a list of cases that have been filed with the court. The index does not provide information on the charges and disposition of cases filed with the court.

The index is retained pursuant to California Rules of Court, rule 10.851. Cases will remain permanently in the index, as provided in Government Code section 68152(h)(15), even if the case was ultimately dismissed with no finding of guilt or responsibility. For information on the charge(s) and disposition of a specific case, users must review the official court record at the clerk's business office where the case was filed. Records are retained in the clerks' business offices pursuant to Government Code section 68152.

Search options include finding a case if you know the name of a party associated with the case, the Case Number, or the District Attorney (DA) Case Number.

Civil Limited and misdemeanor records may only be available for 10 years for some court locations. Juvenile cases and infractions are not included in this index. Additional information on older cases may be found on microfilm. Microfilm research is not performed by court staff.


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